About Us


Hey Eco-Warrior! Thanks for visiting our store.

It’s weird to say but we actually have this last year to thank for this beautiful business we’ve started. It forced us to turn to e-commerce to sustain our income after losing employment. During this steep learning curve we encountered a few problems to say the least. We ran out of mailer bags for one (on numerous occasions) and with all our daily orders we then saw all this plastic heading out our door … and into landfill.

We knew only too well that we were contributing to a significant problem that our kids - and their kids - are going to have to tackle. We knew we had to change and try and encourage others to do the same.

So pouchpacks was started with our quest to find a high quality, biodegradable, funky parcel pouch that packed a PUNCH. One that our customers would love and afford. The brief? It had to be strong enough to serve its purpose … and over time be soft enough to end up as worm food! After a lot of research, trial and error ... we are confident that we’ve delivered.

We are on a mission to expand our range and bring you even more biodegradable and compostable products in the future that are earth-friendly and functional. So thank you for supporting our business - it means the world to us!